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Jesse Peak is the managing partner and creator of the Dope Dank and Dine Podcast, LLC- this is an educational podcast that shares reviews on cannabis strains, their specific terpene profiles and has a unique fine dining element. The podcast production company also assists other podcasts with production.

Companies founded:
Jesse Peak has founded multiple companies: Buyacareasy.com, INC and The Dope Dank and Dine Podcast, LLC

Podcast host:
They are 7 episodes into the Dope Dank and Dine podcast and this production has been spectacular. Special guests pop up for episodes and we are able to share our thoughts on Cannabis, current events and share an amazing meal together. This production allows viewers to see a unique side of responsible cannabis usage.

Jesse Peak has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Serving clients and creating automotive content is an intense passion. In 2020 the idea for The Dope Dank and Dine podcast came into the atmosphere and Jesse did what he knows how to do best, he executed on putting this production together. It took months of research, hours of watching youtube videos and a bunch of mistakes to figure out what equipment needed to purchased and what team needed to be assembled to figure out how to bring this idea to life.

Now the Yoast SEO plugin states I should have more words so here we go. Let’s talk about terpenes- the aromatic compounds that give cannabis it’s unique scent and flavor profile. I am learning so much about the plant and it is a complete travesty that people are still in jail for this magical healer. we cover terpenes and fine dining on every episode of the Dope Dank and Dine podcast – you definitely should tune in for it.

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